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Egg Laying Machine

The egg laying machine is widely applicable and is perfect for small businesses and construction sites. It is perfect for a variety of purposes, including construction projects, home building, and more. 

It is easy to use and portable, making it a great choice for anyone who needs a quick, reliable way to make bricks.

1. Egg Laying Machine Definition

An Egg Laying brick making Machine is a device that lays bricks one at a time.

It is an automated clay brick machine that can produce large quantities of bricks with minimal human intervention. Egg laying machines have been in existence since the mid-1950s.

An Egg Laying block making machine is a type of automated brick making machine. Egg laying bricks are made from clay which has undergone plastic deformation due to rolling.

The Egg Laying brick making Machine has greater production efficiency than traditional hollow block making machine, which brought great economic benefits to the enterprises.

As the Egg Laying brick making Machine is more simple in structure, easier to produce and can be used with any raw material, it is widely used in some countries.

The Egg Laying brick making Machine has already changed the process of brick production and has changed the history of brick making. its application is widening constantly.

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Specification of Egg Laying Machine

Minimum Order Quantity1 Unit
Capacity500-1000 Blocks per hour
Block TypeSolid block / Hollow Block
Usage/ApplicationBlock & Brick Making
Brick TypeHollow
Raw MaterialCement, stone dust, stonechips, sand
MethodHydraulic Pressure
Automation GradeSemi-automatic
No. Of Operations50 – 60 per hour
Vibro Motor 2 Nos3ph (440v)
Hydraulic Pump Motor5hp, 3ph (440v)
Travel Motor1 HP, 3ph (440v)
Machine Weight1750kg (approx.)
Cubic Space Occupied By The Machine2100 x 1275 x 1750 mm (approx.)

2. How Egg Laying Machine Works

The Egg Laying brick making Machine takes clay as the main material.

The clay is first put into the hopper, and then it will be sent to the molding box.

There are two molds in the box. The clay will be pressed into one of the molds, and then it will be moved to the egg laying position.

Next, a hydraulic machine will push an egg-shaped plunger down into the mold, forcing the clay to take on the shape of the egg.

After that, the plunger is withdrawn, and the newly formed brick is ejected from the machine.

3. Step by Step Guide to Make Bricks With an Egg Laying Machine

To make bricks with an egg laying brick making machine, you will need to:

Step#1 Choose a Brick Making Machine

When choosing a egg laying block making machine, it is important to select the right one for your needs. There are a few factors to consider:

  • Size of the Bricks
  • Type of Clay
  • Production Capacity of the Machine

Step#2 Prepare the Clay

Before you can start making bricks, you need to prepare the clay. The type of clay you use will affect the quality of the bricks. For best results, use a clay that is easy to work with and has low shrinkage.

Step#3 Load the Clay

Once the clay is ready, load it into the brick making machine. Make sure to pack it in evenly.

Step#4 Add Water

Adding water to the brick making machine is what turns the clay into a workable dough. Adding too much or too little will change the consistency of the dough and affect the quality of your bricks.

If you don’t have access to precise measurements, simply add enough for an even consistency.

Step#5 Run the Machine

Let the Brick Making Machine run intended for how many bricks you are making, let the machine run until it has made all of them.

If you are using clay that is prone to shrinkage, make sure to let the clay dry after making each brick. This will prevent cracks from forming.

Step#6 Remove Excess Water

Remove any excess water from the bricks with a trowel or squeegee. You can use the trowel to remove excess water from the walls of the brick making machine as well, which will make it easier to clean later on.

Step#7 Let Bricks Dry

Place the bricks somewhere where they have room for air circulation and can dry. You can stack them on top of each other, but make sure they don’t touch.

If the bricks are touching each other, it may cause some to stick together and become deformed.

Step#8 Prepare Brick for Firing

You can make your Fired Bricks with or without this step. This is only necessary if you want your bricks to have a smoother, shinier surface. Once the bricks are dry, use a wet sponge to smooth out all of the cracks and pits.

4. Benefits of Using Egg Laying Block Machine

There are many benefits to using an egg laying block machine. Here are some of those:


An egg laying concrete block machine is faster and more efficient than manual methods, and can produce a greater number of bricks in a shorter period.

Less Labor Cost Requirements

An egg laying concrete block making machine requires less manpower, which can lead to lower production costs. Relatively low egg laying machine price also contributes to potential savings.


An egg laying hollow block machine produces more uniform bricks, which results in a higher quality product.

The fact that mobile egg laying machines can be transferred from one factory area to another helps the proprietor to provide customers with a range of uniform brick products.

Easier to Operate

An egg laying block machine is easier to operate and require less training than manual methods.

The information requirement for operators to be able to use the machine is substantially less when compared to other categories of hollow block products.

egg laying machine 2

5. Egg Laying Machine Price

The entry-level cost of a good quality egg laying block machine can range anywhere from US$1000 to US$15000. The egg laying block making machine price will depend on the features that are included.

An egg laying machine price on the reselling end can go as low as US$100 depending on the sale requirement.

egg laying machine 3

6. Egg Laying Brick Making Machine Manufacturer

Many reputable brick making manufacturers produce top-quality machines. Here are some of the companies that sell high-end machines:


Tabrick egg laying brick machine is one of the most popular machines for brick production in China. Tabrick’s hydraulic pressure concrete block making machine is perhaps the best-selling block machine in the market today.

Tabrick has cultivated an engineering team equipped with an advanced design system that adapts their machines to customer needs. If you are looking for an egg layer block machine, Tabrick is a top choice.

Shanghai Kinglink Industries

Kinglink is a company that sells egg laying brick making machines based on Shanghai, China. Their mobile egg laying block machines can produce bricks with high quality and production efficiency.

7. Precautions When Using Egg Laying Block Making Machine

When using an egg laying block making machine, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

Read the Instruction Manual

Be sure to read the instruction manual carefully before using your block machine. If there is information that is not included in the manual, you should contact the manufacturer for further instructions.

Never try to operate the machine if you are not familiar with how it works.

Wear the Proper Safety Equipment

Always wear safety goggles and other protective gear, such as dust masks and safety gloves. This will help avoid work-related injuries.

Maintain Proper Ventilation

Make sure the area is properly ventilated. The machine may have emissions that can be harmful when inhaled in large amounts. Proper airflow can ensure consistent breathing of fresh air.

Allot a Solid Amount of Spacing for the Machine

It is crucial to make sure that the area around the machine is clear of any obstacles, and that there is sufficient space for the blocks to be laid out.

Inspect the Machine Before Starting

To ensure that the egg layer machine does not malfunction, one should make sure that the machine is working properly before starting a job.

In addition to following these precautions, it is important to follow all safety regulations and guidelines set out by OSHA. This will help you both protect yourself, and prevent costly mistakes from occurring for your construction company.

egg laying machine 4

8. How to Take Care of Egg Laying Concrete Block Machine

Concrete block machines are becoming more and more popular due to the many benefits they offer. Not only do they produce high-quality bricks, but they also save time and money.

However, to get the most out of your concrete block machine, you need to take care of it properly.

Here are some tips for taking care of your concrete block making machine:

Keep it Lubricated

Make sure that the machine is properly lubricated. You should lubricate all of the moving parts regularly. This will help keep the machine running smoothly and prevent it from overheating.

Balance the Machine

Another important step is to make sure that the machine is properly balanced. If the machine is not balanced, it will not efficiently produce bricks. Therefore, you should check the machine’s balance regularly and make any appropriate adjustments.

Clean the Machine Thoroughly

After balancing the machine, you will need to clean it. You can clean it by removing all of the old clay from the inside of the machine. In general, you should thoroughly clean your concrete block machine before production begins every day.

Use the Full Capacity of the Machine

When you use your machine, make sure that it runs at full capacity. This will help you to produce the maximum number of bricks in a given period.

If you run your machine at less than full capacity, then the quality of the blocks that are produced may begin to drop.

9. 5 Tips to Consider Before Buying Egg Laying Machine

When looking to buy a brick making machine, there are a few things you should consider:

egg laying machine 5

#1 Consider the Size

You need to make sure that the machine you buy is the right size for your needs. If it’s too small, it won’t be able to produce enough bricks, and if it’s too large, it will be difficult to move.

#2 Brick Type Production

Not all machines can produce the same type of brick. You need to make sure that the machine you choose can produce the type of brick you need.

#3 Consider the Price

Brick making machines can vary in price, so you need to find one that fits within your budget.

#4 Quality of the Bricks

Brick quality varies greatly from machine to machine. Brick making machines that have a higher capacity for accuracy will be able to produce higher-quality bricks, but these machines often cost more.

#5 Consider the Power Source

Brick making machines can vary in their power sources as well as types of clay they can use. Some require gas, while others can use clay that has already been fired.

10. Conclusion

The egg laying machine is easy to use and portable. It’s also great for construction projects or home building. This device will save you time and money while making your job easier than ever before.

Plus, it’s made of high-quality materials that ensure durability over time so that this brickmaker will last through all of your jobs!

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