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Our Team

Production Team

We believe that our front-line employees are the most important asset in our factory. We prioritize their needs, both physical and mental, and strive to create a harmonious and supportive environment for all members of our team. From regular medical examinations to various employee activities, we are committed to providing a comprehensive and caring approach to our employees’ wellbeing.

Media Team

For content collaborations or to join our blog contributors, please contact [email protected]. We welcome fresh perspectives and are committed to enriching our cosmetic industry platform with diverse insights. Let’s innovate together.


Quality Management Team

Our quality management team serves as the last line of defense in ensuring the highest standards of quality in every product we produce. They stay up-to-date with industry policies, constantly refining our quality standards and overseeing every step of the production process. With a commitment to perfection, our quality management team is also responsible for rigorous product testing to ensure that each and every one of our products meets our exacting requirements and exceeds our customers’ expectations.

Lucky Happy leader 6Years Experience
Olivia Lin QC Manager 10+Years Experience
Roy Zhou Production Director 30+Years Experience
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