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Tabrick's Machines Boost Production by 70% for Mr. Hakeem's Company


The story of Mr. Hakeem and his company is a classic example of how our R&D service caters to the needs of small businesses. Located in rural Africa, Mr. Hakeem is the founder of a small brick making company. However, due to limitations in technology and costs, the company had to make bricks with outdated machinery, which led to subpar product quality and limited production capacity. Mr. Hakeem reached out to us to request a reasonably priced and user-friendly high-capacity brick making machine. Through high-tech means, we have improved the efficiency of the brick making machine, reduced the input cost, and reduced the difficulty of operation, providing Mr.hakeem with the most suitable machines.


Founder of an Africa-based small brick making company – Mr. Hakeem

Current Problem

Mr. Hakeem’s company uses outdated machines with low productivity and a lot of manpower. He wants to increase production capacity and save manpower, but he doesn’t have enough money to buy a large automatic brick making machine.


Mr.Hakeem wants to buy 2 new machines to replace his existing ones. He hopes that the new machines can increase the production capacity by about 50%, but not increase the difficulty of operation.

Current Situation of Mr. Hakeem’s Company

Mr. Hakeem owns a small brick making business in rural Africa. Constrained by technology and costs, the company had to use outdated machines. And as a result, they were producing bricks at a much slower rate than their competitors. Moreover, the quality of the bricks produced is not stable enough because old machines are subject to workers’ control and are prone to errors.

The company was only able to serve a very limited portion of the market, with more of the market being firmly occupied by companies in the industry that had advanced machines to produce bricks at a faster rate.

Therefore, the founder, Mr. Hakeem, approached us to provide him with a high capacity brick making machine at a reasonable price. Since his workers were all from the local area and not very well educated, he wanted the machine to be less complicated to operate.

In-Depth Investigation for Demands

In order to expand the market share and ensure the long-term growth of his company, Mr. Hakeem decided to bring in new machines to improve production efficiency. After receiving his commission, we got a general idea of his company and its buying needs, and then we did some research on the local market and his competitors. After that, we had another in-depth interview with Mr.Hakeem. Combining all the case materials, we concluded that Mr. Hakeem needed machines that would meet high productivity without raising production costs, and preferably at an affordable price.

We always understand one of the most important factors for all clients is not only the effectiveness of machines but also their cost-effectiveness. This is why our research and development team is constantly working to find ways to improve our machines and make them more efficient. Every year, we invest heavily in research and development to ensure that our machines are optimized for both performance and cost, so that our customers can get the best possible performance while minimizing their production costs. In the case of Mr. Hakeem, we also relied on new technologies to achieve his goals.

What Did We Do?

Recommend Proper Machines To Improve Productivity

To reduce manual errors and increase production capacity, semi-automatic brick making machines and automatic brick making machines would be a better choice. Compared with the automatic brick making machine, the semi-automatic brick making machine is less expensive and easier to operate, so, we recommended several semi-automatic brick making machines to Mr.Hakeem.

New Technologies To Cut Costs

Mr.Hakeem loved the semi automative machines, but he worried about the increased costs. Thus, our R&D team developed new software that allows machines to operate at an optimal level, using only the necessary amount of energy and resources required for the specific task at hand. This not only lowers production costs, but it also reduces the environmental impact of our machines, which is becoming increasingly important in the industry.

At the same time, we have also worked hard to expand our supplier list and have entered into deep cooperation with some of these suppliers. By comparing different suppliers, we could ensure that we always get the best quality materials at a favorable price. As our own production costs went down, we were able to pass the cost savings on to our customers, resulting in a win-win situation for both sides.

New Design To Reduce the Difficulty of Operation

Compared to old brick making machines, semi-automatic brick making machines have an extra operation panel for operating the parts that need to be controlled by the machine. Taking into account the knowledge level of local workers and their daily use habits, we redesigned the arrangement and functions of the control panel and included detailed operating instructions. By all means, the complexity of the operating system was minimized so that workers could quickly learn to use the new machine. At the same time, we provided ongoing comprehensive training and support to ensure that his workers were able to use it effectively.

More Products! More Business!

70% Production Boosting

The machine we finally introduced was still highly effective, but it was smaller and less expensive than before. It was also more user-friendly, which was important since the workers at Mr.Hakeem’s company had limited experience with advanced machinery. After installing the new machines, Mr. Hakeem saw an immediate increase in production capacity by 70%, exceeding his initial expectations of 50%. With the new machines, Mr. Hakeem’s company was able to produce a much larger quantity of bricks in a shorter amount of time, and the product quality was much more consistent.

20% More Orders a Month

The increase in production capacity and improvement in product quality had a significant impact on Mr. Hakeem’s company. With the ability to produce more bricks in less time, Mr. Hakeem’s company was able to take on larger projects and fulfill approximately 20% more orders each month. As a result, the company’s revenue increased substantially, allowing Mr. Hakeem to reinvest in the business and further improve operations. Moreover, improved product quality also meant that the company could expand its customer base by targeting customers who value high-quality bricks. This helped to position the company as a competitive player in the market, further strengthening its position and revenue stream.

10+ New Positions

The new machines also created more opportunities for local workers, as the increase in production capacity and business required additional manpower. This helped to boost the local economy and create a positive impact on the community.

A Stable Long Partnership

Our commitment to helping small businesses succeed and contribute to the local economy is reflected in the long-term relationship established with Mr. Hakeem. As his business continued to grow, he ordered additional machines from us to keep up with the increasing demand for bricks. The efficiency and quality of the machines helped to expand the business and create more job opportunities in the local community. We are proud to have played a role in this success and remain dedicated to providing high-quality solutions to help our clients achieve their business goals.

What Does Mr. Hakeem Say?

“Working with the experts at Tabrick was a game-changer for my business and my life! Me and my company struggled with outdated equipments. But after bringing in their new machines, everything changed. The production increased, as well as my business.

Their personalized approach was amazing! The R&D team took the time to understand my needs and developed a customized solution that was perfectly tailored to my business. They were also always available for ongoing support and training, which was incredibly helpful.

Thanks to Tabrick, I’m able to expand our business. And I create more job opportunities for my local community. I highly recommend Tabrick to any small business owners!”

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